In the Pink

I love pink. Of all the colors in the world pink stands out to me as the MOST beautiful. From the palest to the darkest, I’m all about pink. I have other colors that I really enjoy – red, peach, black, off-white – but pink rules above them all.

My devotion stems from more than just its visual impact and how great it looks on me. It’s about the feelings it evokes as well. Pink for me can be girlish and playful; airy and ethereal; pure and sweet; soft and sensual.

It speaks to me of hope and joy. Pink leaves no room for sorrow or despair. It lifts me up. It makes me smile.

So, what does “BigPinkMarble” mean? It’s my world, my planet, my preferred place to be. Everything’s not always roses and sunshine there – in fact, recently, there has been more shadow than light – but as long as I can go there, I know that my life will be alright.

I’ll share my thoughts, fears, ideas, triumphs and travails on this blog. I hope that here I’ll find a place to help me stay in the pink.